IRPWUG Announces Project "What you see is what you think"

IRPWUG, short for "International Really Pissed-off Win95 Users' Group" is a non-profit organization which 90% of all worldwide users of MS-Windows 95 are registered as its members. (Of the remaining users, 9% are registered in IPWUG. The other 1% could not register into either organization because they are hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals around the world. )

IRPWUG is proud to announce today the official opening of its latest project What you see is what you think or WYSIWYT for short. This project, which is already in advanced development stages, aims at giving Windows 95 a look and usability features that will better reflect the way its users feel about it. As our project leader Evan "Wind" Oz commented: "Even the Jewish religion bans men from wearing women clothes and the opposite. I don't always follow this regulation, but even I don't dress like a woman during work hours. We should expect an OS to behave the same and not to disguise as something eles."

Phil Waters, another distinguished and active member in IRPWUG also commented on the project: "Windows 95 users feel, on a day-to-day basis the urge to reach their hand into the computer and physically remove KRNL32.DLL from the hard-disk. This project will, hopefully, prevent a lot of that constant frustration." WYSIWYT will span a large number of sub-projects that will one-by-one advance its noble purpose. Here is a partial list of projects underway:

To be continued...

Designed by Shlomi Fish,