My Cool Links List

The Technion Home Page

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The university where I study and my faculty.

Smart Link

The comapny I just recently worked in. Smart Link develops Software based modems for Windows 95, based on Sound chips (so you usually get a fully operational soundcard without extra cost).

Elpas Electro-optic Systems Ltd.

Cortext Web Design

Those are my previous workplaces. Check them out, if you'd like.

Yahoo's Objectivism Branch

I became very interested in Objectivism in the past few years, so I recommend you take a look. Objectivism is a school of philosphy that deals with politics, ethics, law, and art to say the least. It has a human and freedom centered philosophy, yet is very strong and uncompromising.
The Yahoo branch is a good place to start looking for Objectivist resources on the web, and there is a lot of introductury material there.

Neo-Tech Homepage

"Neo-Tech" is an extension of Objectivism that I also became familiar with. It has some substancial additions over Objectivism. For example, it integrates psychology and business advisory into the philosphy.
Neo-Tech is fully commercial, so you can only find a sample of its material on the company's website. If you are more serious about it, you'd better order "The Neo-Tech Discovery", the main book of Neo-Tech by (snail) mail.

The Linux' Homepage

The Israeli Linux User's Group

To say that I'm interested in computers would be like saying that Albert Einstein was a good physicist. Having cought the UNIX bug on one of my previous jobs , I am still keeping and experiencing with Linux on my home computer. Linux is a free UNIX-compatible operating system available for PCs and other machines. I recommend it to anyone who wants to experiment with UNIX on his PC.
The Linux' homepage contains most of the information you'll need to know about the Linux operating system. I'm also a member of the Israely Linux User's Group, which is the local Linux mailing list and users "guild".

Friends' Home Pages

Daniel Hoffer
Ken Houseley
Alex Shnitman

Favourite Pages for Searching and Locating Resources on the Web

Here's a list of my favourite sites on the web that can direct you to other sites of interest:

Yahoo - how not?
Altavista - you probably heard of it too.
Form-based FTP Search - a great service that finds files on ftp sites
Index to Free Computers Book Online
GNU documentation - an excellent online reference for many UNIX (or UNIX-originated) commands and utilities.
Big Ron's Humour List - appaerantly, it's the biggest list of humour sites on the web. (except for Yahoo perhaps).
Gamelan - A big Java directory

Interesting Reference Sites

The Internet Movie Database - an on-line database with a lot of film-related information.
Lyrics Archive - the largest Internet archive I know of for songs' lyrics.
WWWebster - a useful on-line version of Webster's dictionary of the English language.

Cool and non-Commercial Software

Here's a short list of free software which I found to be very useful: The DJGPP Collection - A collection of many GNU utilities for DOS, that support Win95's long filenames. Anything from grep, sed and the Bourne shell to a 32 bit C/C++ compiler.
Perl for Win32 - A Windows 95 and NT version of what is, IMO, the world's best scripting langauge.
The Apache HTTP server - Version 1.3 of this popular (and excellent) web server for UNIXes includes a Windows 95/NT version, too.
It's still in beta stage, but seems very nice.
The FTE Editor - A very nice console editor for many platforms that has color syntax highlighting, regular expression support, auto-identation and other features. Fully User-configurable. The built-in auto-identation can be irritating sometimes, though.
Tcl/Tk - Another popular scripting language which can be used to develop portable GUI-based applications.
You can also check SCO's resource page that conatins many Tcl/Tk related links.

MOD Files

MOD Files are music files that are based on recorded instruments, played at various frequenecies to generate the various notes. MOD files can be played on every machine that has a digital audio channel, and generate music with up to 32 simultaenous channels.
Here are some links with software and information about MOD files:

The Aminet MOD archive - (almost) all the MOD files you'll ever want.
The alt.sounds.mods FAQ - a very comprehensive FAQ that answers common questions about MOD files, and includes links to MOD software and archives.
MOD Resources Index
The Hornet Archive - contains many MOD players, composers and utilites for the PC.