Shlomi Fish
4 Dresner St.
Tel Aviv, 69497
Phone Number: 03-6424668
Fax Number: 03-6414319
E-Mail Address:
Winter 1997 - Present The Technion
Electrical Engineering Studies
1991 - 1995 Gymnasia Ivrit "Hertzelia"
Major subjects: Mathematics, English, Physics and Arabic.
1997 MikMod for Java (independent project)
  Converting a program from ANSI C to Java.
January 1997 - October 1997 Smart Link Ltd.
Programmer and Tester
  Testing a software-based modem (Modio ), Windows 95 Programming
April 1996 - October 1996 Cortext Inc.
Programmer, WWW Site Maintainer, Limited UNIX Maintenance.
  HTML composing, CGI programming, TCP/IP client/server programs
June 1995 - March 1996 Elpas Electro-optic Systems, Ltd.
Chief Programmer of EIRIS (Elpas Infra-Red Identification System).
  Databases, client/server programs (with NetDDE), English/Hebrew MS-Windows GUI
1995 1st place, Gymnasia Hertzelia's High School Mathematics Contest.
1994 1st place, first Annual Israel's Mathematics Contest for School Teams, along with Kobi Karlibakh, Or Tsok, and Amit Zinger.
1994 2nd place, Gymnasia Hertzelia's High School Mathematics Contest.
1993 3rd place, Gymnasia Hertzelia's High School Mathematics Contest.
Will be supplied upon request.

Fields of Expertise
Programming Languages: C/C++, Perl, Basic, Java/JavaScript, Object Pascal, Bourne Shell.
Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, UNIX.
Databases: SQL, Delphi, ODBC, MS-Access ("Jet" Engine), miniSQL/MySQL, BDE.
Internet Related: HTML, CGI programming, JavaScript, TCP/IP sockets.
Born May 5, 1977